Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Story -Finale

Ok enough about the glam ladies in my life, and on to me.  I am a 31 year old mommy of an amazing toddler girl, soon to be 3, and wife to the love of my life.  A former teen rebel, party girl, turned nerdy law student and then lawyer, my life has been full of extremes. I have moved around my entire life, but spent most of my youth in Washington DC and New York. I finished law school in Latin America, where I met and married the man of my dreams (who is actually from Maryland). We both work for international companies, and currently have our "base home" in Latin America, but spend half of each month in the US (various cities). Needless to say, our life is pretty hectic, traveling around with a two year old on toe, but it gets better: We are avid animal lovers, and have accumulated a small zoo at our home, 2 bulldogs: Bianka and Camilla, 2 rottweilers: Maximus and Aquiles and a red macaw named Lupita to be exact!

Life is really busy, full and exiting... and most of the time exhausting! This is my story, my journey towards getting it all done without losing the family tradition of glamorous mommas.


  1. WOW your life sounds crazy busy!! It also sounds just WONDERFUL!

    Latin America! WoW thats soo very cool! Does that mean that you little one is bi-lingual? I am teaching my son French (my father is french) it is hard since we dont live with any french culture in our lives (minus family)

    WOW again, you life seems SOOOO FREAKING COOL!!! I am so glad that we are blog buddies!

    1. Thanks!!! Life is pretty crazy for us, but we are happy and healthy which is what really matters! We are all working on being bilingual, little one has it down, husband is having a little more trouble, but he's getting there! I'm glad we are blog buddies too!!! I admire you and your strength!

  2. Visiting from ICLW. I love the picture! Your daughter looks adorable :)