My Story

Lets start at the beginning of my "expected glamor" complex.  I come from a long line of glamorous ladies, but we'll start at my grandmother so as to not go too far back.  She was a very elegant, proper and modern woman, in spite of the times. I've always thought that she was born in the wrong era... but I'll get to that later.

My grandfather was a prominent diplomat, and my grandma was often compared to Jaquelin Kennedy (whom she met on several occasions).  She ran a large house, raised three strong willed daughters and an intense stepson, later caring and spoiling her grand children, threw big dinner parties for the countries, and sometimes world's biggest political figures, cared for her dogs and cats, moved residences every 8 to 12 years (to different countries sometimes!), ran and participated in several charities, amongst many other things, and managed to do it all looking absolutely flawless and put together, always elegant, never frazzled or out of control. She was the definition of a fabulous and glamorous woman!
I lived with her for some years during my teens, and I remember wondering "how on earth does she do it all!?!".  She used to tell me that the key to being on top was first and foremost to know yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, and love yourself no matter what. Love and protect your family, because without them you are nothing, be organized, plan ahead and always have a strategy. Do everything you do to the best of your ability, as the fruit of your work is a direct reflection of yourself AND of your mother, and grandmother (wink wink). She believed that being busy, pregnant or feeling ill was not an excuse to act, be or look sloppy.  "Always be at your best, it will make you feel better, and in turn you will be better."  I remember her criticizing those women who got married and let it all go. Once you start a family it is even more important to be put together sweetheart.  You should want to look good for yourself, for your husband and for your children. For yourself: It will make your self esteem stronger, making you more confident and ready to face the worlds challenges. For your husband: None of this sleeping in old raggedy over sized sweats!  You got him, now keep him. Comfort does not have to equal sloppy and unattractive. For your children: You will be their first and most important role model. Teach them to love themselves and to take care of themselves inside and out.  Wise words from a wise woman!! I miss her so much!

My Mom:

My grandmother had 3 strong willed daughters - my mom was the baby. Having been raised by my grandmother, she grew up with a very healthy self esteem -God I wish I had her self esteem!! She is vibrant, funny, loud, loving, dramatic, beautiful and yes.... you guest it, glamorous! My mom was crowned Miss Costa Rica in the late 70's, and went on to participate in that year's Miss Universe competition, where she made worldwide news as the stage collapsed and pictures of her falling where posted world wide. She even looks fabulously "diva-ish" falling off that stage amidst the other girls. That's how she shines best, being authentic, being her lovely self :)
My mother is very outgoing, always the center of attention wherever she goes. All the men want her, all the women want to be like her. She is very funny, and glamorous in an entirely different way than my elegant grandmother. Mami is outspoken, happy, funny and "light". She does everything with such confidence, and there is such a magic around her.  She has no enemies, everyone is her friend and most people love her. Her glass is always half full, and she has the gift of seeing the good in everyone, no matter how awful they may seem (to me anyways).  I admire that trait very much. Mami speaks 4 languages, has traveled all over the world and lived in many different cities. It is very fitting that she has finally settled down in NY, the city that never sleeps, as there is never a dull moment when you are around her.  She is classy but "hot" at the same time, and its all so effortless!!  She has five kids but that has not stopped her from being -and more importantly FEELING fabulous. She reminds me of Sofia Vergara's character in Modern Family.
Two years ago she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. It was extremely scary for all of us, but she faced it with such optimism and strength -truly inspiring. She was determined to beat the cancer, and continue being fabulous in the process. She went out and got an outrageous red haired wig, totally different from her naturally curly dark brown hair. "I've always wanted to see what I'd look like as a redhead" she said when my siblings and I where staring at the pin straight red haired wig with dramatic bangs. Needless to say, cancer didn't have a chance of dimming my mother down!  She fought for a year and a half, getting all of the treatment prescribed by her doctors, feeling lousy but never down and out.  She would even give pep talks to the people in the chemotherapy session rooms. Every time I went with her, everyone knew her and loved her. The seats next to her in the treatment rooms where always full, and the occupant of that seat always got a good laugh out of their conversations with her. She always managed to look great, despite her ordeal. Getting out of bed, putting on a great pair of heals and a cute outfit was the norm for her. If you didn't know she was battling cancer, you would have never guessed it. Her courage, strength, perseverance and positive attitude are the traits of a true role model. Mami was declared cancer free two years ago, and has been happy, healthy and fabulous ever since.  

Ok enough about the glam ladies in my life, and on to me.  I am a 31 year old mommy of an amazing toddler girl, soon to be 3, and wife to the love of my life.  A former teen rebel, party girl, turned nerdy law student and then lawyer, my life has been full of extremes. I have moved around my entire life, but spent most of my youth in Washington DC and New York. I finished law school in Latin America, where I met and married the man of my dreams (who is actually from Maryland). We both work for international companies, and currently have our "base home" in Latin America, but spend half of each month in the US (various cities). Needless to say, our life is pretty hectic, traveling around with a two year old on toe, but it gets better: We are avid animal lovers, and have accumulated a small zoo at our home, 2 bulldogs: Bianka and Camilla, 2 rottweilers: Maximus and Aquiles and a red macaw named Lupita to be exact!

Life is really busy, full and exiting... and most of the time exhausting! This is my story, my journey towards getting it all done without losing the family tradition of glamorous mommas.


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